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Attic Conversions

Attic Conversions

For more information on our attic conversions, contact our team at KC Joy Construction today!

Attic Conversions

For many years, our KC Joy Construction team has provided clients with high-quality attic conversions.

We cater our attic conversions to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Kilkenny, Dublin, Waterford, and Tipperary.

Whether you are looking for a small attic conversion, a large attic conversion or an attic conversion with an en-suite, our team have got you covered! We offer competitive attic conversion costs to ensure that our clients always receive the best value for their money.

KC Joy Construction

Are you in search of an attic conversion with an en-suite? Contact our team today!

What can you use attic conversions for?

Some of the main uses that our clients have used attic conversions for are:

➜ Bedrooms
➜ Bathrooms

➜ En-suites
➜ Storage rooms

KC Joy Construction

For expert advice on your attic conversion, contact our team today!

Do you need blueprints for attic conversions?

If you want to install a new attic conversion into your home with KC Joy Construction, you do not need to worry about finding an architect to create blueprints.


Our team has a professional tradesman who is happy to provide you with the work drawing you need to complete your attic conversion to the highest standard.

KC Joy Construction

Contact KC Joy Construction for a free quote on your next attic conversion!

What are the advantages of attic conversions?

There are many advantages of adding an attic conversion into your property:

➜ Attic conversions increase the value of your property
➜ They provide you with more space
➜ They are completely customisable to your needs

KC Joy Construction

To avail of our high-quality, attic conversions service, conatc our team today!

KC Joy Construction

Attic Conversions FAQ’s

What is the catchment area of our attic conversions service?

At KC Joy Construction, we cater our attic conversion service to clients in Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Dublin.

Do we offer free quotes on our attic conversions?

At KC Joy Constructions, we offer free quotes on our attic conversions.

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